Its 2015 and windsurfing remains the most exciting, fun and challenging recreation created. No other sport can replicate the sensation derived from holding the power source directly in your hands, with no levers or mechanical advantage. This is something unique that no other wind powered sport can challenge. 

At Unifiber we remain totally dedicated to windsurfing, it still courses powerfully through our veins, and drives our passion to produce the perfect collection of intelligently conceived products for all of us.

 At a time when windsurfing equipment is more diverse, with more choice than ever before, it can be tough to decide the best components to choose.  The pioneering, Unifiber Mast Selector Tool continues to evolve and provide the most comprehensive compatibility guide for mast and sail you can find.

 Unifiber dealers will always be able to find you the mast, size, flex, and price no matter what sail you have. Couple this with an equally practical component range of bases booms and deck plates and you can build the perfect rig.

 We don’t forget our most important riders: - YOU. We will continue to engage and listen to all of our customers, from fledgling first timers to the salt crusted old goats, your experiences are important and help us to evaluate and evolve Unifiber products.

 Go fast, Go high, Go splash! But just go windsurfing……TODAY.